Planet Explorers isos

Durability=5014 ; Attack=(varies)

On the surface, it appears to be just a simple sphere design. But the large, heavily-reinforced shell makes it incredibly durable.

The Mk IV is based around Type 03 components in a diamond shell for extra durability.

Included are three different versions. (Note: I do not guarantee the accuracy of the in-game "Attack" rating. It seems flawed to me as the Particle and Mini-Missile should do more damage than the Laser Turret.)

Amp-Bot Mk IV Laser
2 Mini Laser Turrets
Attack "220 /s"

Amp-Bot Mk IV Particle
2 Mini Particle Turrets
Attack "123 /s"

Amp-Bot Mk IV Missile
2 Mini Missile Turrets
Attack "93 /s"

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