Planet Explorers isos

Attack=2710 /s ; Weight=49.69 T ; Fuel Capacity=8 mil ; Durability=55682 ; Top Forward Speed=80 kph ; Top Reverse Speed=71.9 kph

Inspired by baconbistro's "MC Baatar", this was created from scratch to be much lighter and cheaper. This is the reconnaissance version.

It seats 7 passengers, which should help with quests that involve several extra NPCs. Also, it looks cool. I've payed extra attention to detail with this one, such as decals to resemble aircraft doors (including handle and latch), access ladders, a finished interior that is painted and "windows" to show it off.

With 8 million fuel, it should have plenty of range even for extended missions. It only uses 2 helicopter vtols, 4 regular vtols, and a medium weapon loadout, so it does not guzzle fuel (unlike the MC Baatar).

Do note that the reverse speed on most aircraft is slow as VTOL fans are no longer reversible (in airflow). I added reverse-facing VTOLs to give it a max reverse speed of 71.9 kpm as a strategy to fly backwards while fighting large things, such as the spinning top or the giant robots. As a comparison, MC Baatar's reverse speed maxes out at 16 kph.

Download AVF-3 Bataar Recon in 5 sec