Planet Explorers isos

Damage = 469.5 ; Accuracy = 102.1% ; Durability = 102

Full credit goes to whoever created the original "wu zhu zhi di buqiang 1.vciso". (The file did not have author information, but it was uploaded to the Workshop by Tiger Kiln and 82210663.) I am just sharing this modification so others can enjoy it.

Note: The name "wu zhu zhi di buqiang" is Chinese for "No land is not strong" (according to Google translate).

This is a sleek, futuristic-styled sniper rifle with a nice-looking scope. And the stats are quite impressive, with damage being very high, yet still maintaining a respectable accuracy of 102%.

However, in my opinion, the original paint scheme left a lot to be desired. (See the second screenshot for the original.) Aside from aesthetics, I can't imagine any sniper rifle being painted a bright, florescent orange. I could not bring myself to use it before modifying the looks. So, I removed most of the paint and used material textures. Also, I saw no point in having it require 1 unit of Diamond as it did not impact the stats. So, my update only requires Aluminum.

Download wu zhu zhi di buqiang 2 (No land is not strong 2) in 5 sec