Planet Explorers isos

This is the RH-66 Comanche from the Comanche Series. (I am still locked on the Comanche 3 tho)

THIS FILE CONTAIN ONLY THE MAIN HELICOPTER, IF YOU WANT THEM ALL IN DIFFERENT COLORS CHECK THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE (Black one not included, it is mine if you ever see a black comanche with a Jessica Rabbit pin up on it, yep that's mine)

Featured :

_ Stationnary flight (0 when not moving)
_ Rocket luncher (Equivalent to the stingers and Hellfire missiles)
_ Gatling Turret
_ Canon (Equivalent to rockets)
_ Copilot Seat

Perks :

_ Can flight up to 200 Km/h
_ Turbo up to 210/220 Km/h
_ Can go higher than somebody stoned with drugs 
_ Turns really easily

The dream copter for recognition missions, stealth missions, quick assault missions. 

Be carefull tho, this helicopter kinda evade attacks pretty easily, but against a heavy assault you won't last long. ( You can be shot 12 or 13 times with rockets)

I wanted to upload the musics and the others isos, but can't found a way to do so here, so I've prepared a link. (You can find the music/pictures and the other isos here) the musics are from comanche 3 the game
 (and you can put them in the folder  Steam\steamapps\common\Planet Explorers\CustomSounds )
And play them in game using the phone menu.

(Link safe, no advertising, no bs, just the link, if it were to not work let me know)

Download Griffin 2-6 RH66 Comanche in 5 sec