Planet Explorers isos

Maria Light Aircraft (for exploration) Mk3.

The Solo is a bare minimum short range aircraft with a top speed of around 120km/h but needs frequent refuelling. 
Durability - 5704
Fuel - 56'000 
Build cost - 29 units of Aluminium, 2 Vtol rotors, 2 Fuel cells type 01 and 1 Flight cockpit

The Explorer is an upgraded solo with lights, a greatly extended range (it's possible to survey an entire 40km x 40km map on a single charge) and top speed of over 170km/h.
Durability - 5711
Fuel - 1'000'000
Build cost - 29 units of Aluminium, 3 Vtol rotors, 3 Vehicle Headlights, 2 Fuel cells type 04 and 1 Flight cockpit

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