Planet Explorers isos

Stripped out and lightened Orca Fighter v3 air frame, over 10t lighter! Uses thrusters for altitude control (maintains altitude & can climb at cruising speed). New, fully coherent, camouflage colour scheme; General purpose camo with dark iridium camo cockpit canopy and light blue camo lower surfaces.

Credit for the airframe - sunrisedragon

Seating capacity - Pilot + 6
Speed - Max 172km/h, Cruising: 140~145km/h, Backwards: 41km/h
Armaments - 1x Rapid fire turret
Flight controls - 2x Airship thrusters, 2x Carrier Jet Exhausts, 13x VTOL Rotors
Airframe - Aluminium (169 units), Pigment (71 units), Landing gear (type 1) x3

Download Orca Recon Figther in 5 sec