Planet Explorers isos

A product from Arnulf Krieger Utilities.
The Attack Vessel Gamma is a perfectly balanced, heavily armed dropship with a top speed of 90 km/h and a durability of
16.000. Because of its extremely well balanced layout it supports "full speed landing", which is essential for a crucial task
like that of any dropship.

The Attack Vessel Gamma will be delivered together with a free Epsilon Deluxe Sports Edition.

Important tips for ongoing dropship-pilots:
Aircrafts in general come with a drift in the direction they were flying before taking a turn. The drift becomes stronger the
faster the aircraft flies and the heavier it is. To fly a dropship at its full potential, a pilot should fly it like driving
a truck in a dirt-race and should learn how to use the jet-boosters properly at the right moment to take short turns.
Arnulf recommends a minimum of half an hour of flight training in Build-Mode. Especially to those pilots familiar with the Epsilon
series. ;)

The Attack Vessel Gamma costs:
A Flight Cockpit, a Fuel Cell Type 04, 4 Rapid Fire Turrets, 8 Aircraft Machineguns, 2 Missile Silos, 4 Side Seats,
4 Carrier Jet Exhausts, 8 Vtols, 1 Landing Gear Type 01, 4 Landing Gear Type 02, 2 Aircraft Lights, 2 Vehicle Headlights.

For version 1.0 Arnulf simply forgot to add the Missile Silos and realized too late that Aircraft Laserguns are nothing more
than a very bad joke. (To develop Light Beams traveling slower than a vessel at 50 km/h is an art-form in itself!)

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