Planet Explorers isos

A product from Arnulf Krieger Utilities.
After having set camp and starting to build a colony of his own Arnulf now had access to unlimited resources, which made him
think about testing the limits the Epsilon base design could reach just for fun. So, Arnulf sat down to redesign his beloved Mk II.

Arnulf was so happy about what the Epsilon design made possible that he created two additional versions in new looks to
celebrate his achievement. The Mk III offers a top speed of 82 km/h, has a durability of over 10.000 and has 8 Guns onboard.

The pinnacle of his creations so far, the AirHunter Epsilon Mk III, can be crafted for the following costs:
97 Aluminium, 1 Wood, a Flight Cockpit, 5 Vtol Rotors, 2 Fuel Cells Type 03, 2 Fuel Cells Type 02, 4 Rapid Fire Turrets,
4 Aircraft Machineguns, 2 Side Seats, 1 Aircraft Light, 4 Vehicle Headligths, 3 Landing Gear Type 01, 2 Landing Gear Type 02.

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