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A product from Arnulf Krieger Utilities.
The "Luftjaeger Mk II" (aka AirHunter) was developed by Arnulf after clients he met during his travels tasked him with more and
more risky missions, which were crying for a higher developed vessel than his AirTaxi Alpha.

So, Arnulf went back to his drawing board to create this more compact, yet more powerful aircraft for the tasks to come.
At the same time it still had to be relatively cheap to craft like his AirTaxi before.

The AirHunter Mk II, nicknamed "Dungeon Crawler", provides a top speed of 82 km/h, a durability of 9.000 and comes with
6 Rapid Fire Turrets already installed for the low costs of:
62 Aluminium, 35 Wood, a Flight Cockpit, 4 Vtol Rotors, 4 Fuel Cells Type 02, 6 Rapid Fire Turrets, 2 Side Seats,
3 Vehicle Headligths, 3 Landing Gear Type 01, 2 Landing Gear Type 02.

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