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An adorable marble submarine. Sink like a rock!

This cute little submarine is speedy and maneuverable, and it dives and surfaces extra-fast thanks to 4 hidden vertically-oriented propellers (in addition to the 6 that propel the sub forward). Seats 2 passengers. Now includes an armed version, the Stonefish Stinger, in addition to the original Stonefish.

Author's note: None of the submarines on this site seem to work in the current game version, so naturally I had to take matters into my own hands. The shape is partly inspired by yyzdnl's Mako, but I built this little guy from scratch myself. You might recognize my custom green marble texture; I used it on the Sawtooth Sword as well. Feel free to borrow it for your own creations.

I've noticed an occasional issue with both versions of this submarine, but it's easy to work around. When you first place it into the game world from your inventory and then hop inside, you sometimes won't be able to move the sub immediately. This is because it tends to float so high when first dropped in the water that the propellers are above the water line. You can get it started simply by making it descend a little (just tap the Alt key) before moving forward. I may fix this in my own game, but this site doesn't allow us to upload new versions of previously posted creations, so you all are stuck with it the way it is (until the site's owner allows re-uploading of ISOs, at least). Sorry about that.

Download Stonefish (+ Armed Version) in 5 sec