Winters T-19

Created by :
Version : 1.0
Weight : 38.78 Tons
Fuel : 124000
Cost : 114 x Steel, 817 x Pigment, 4 x VTOL Rotor, 4 x Landing Gear Type 2, 3 x Side Seat, 2 x Fuel Cell Type 3, 1 x Flight Cockpit
Durability : 9671


Building on the success of the T-14 single-seat aircar, which while fine for the single person of today was of little use for groups or families, the engineers at Winters scaled up the design. After a few unsuccessful attempts, the T-19 was born.

Perfect for larger groups and families, the T-19 manages the same top speed as the T-14 while able to seat up to four people. More advanced fuel cells allow the T-19 to be used for extended periods, making it perfect for long trips. While larger than the T-14 it retains the VTOL capability and replusor technology used in the smaller model.


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