USS Constipation (12)

Created by :
Version : 2.1a
Weight : 151 t
Fuel : 672
Cost : 280 Marble, 316 Steel, 380 Wood, 8x Aircraft light, 2x Missile Silo, 1x Naval Gun, 4 Seats, 1 boat control, 2x rapid fire turret, 3x propeller, 2x rudder, 4x Fuel Cell Type 4
Durability : 20


ship is easy to use and drives straight lines, (took me a long time to level it correctly). it can jump and dive backwards too (made a small ingame movie about that, check youtube if you like for 'Planet Explorers dancing boat') :-)
time to build: about a week or so... hope you like it just as much i i enjoy driving it! :-)


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Really nicely done, I was impressed with the video. Thank you for this great upload!