Created by :
Version : Prototype
Weight : 127.4T
Fuel : 224000
Cost : 15001
Durability : 29938


T-11 is the newest MBT of the Earth Army. Compare to Landship, it is bigger, taller, tougher, and of course, heavier. It is taller, so it's got a higher chance of being hit. Maneuverability has also been improved a little bit, even it's heavier. Side skirt armor has been already considered at the beginning of the designing. The chassis has also been made into a "V" shape, so the explosion of mine can be released to the sides of the tank. This model of tank is still being tested, under the pressure from Martian Government. In the name of peace, nobody would ever want to see the mass production of it. Hope it can help you to survive in the wild of Maria.


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