Created by :
Version : 1.0
Weight : 39.17 T
Fuel : 1000000
Cost : 173 Marble, 4 Vehicle Headlight Type 1, 2 Side Seat, 2 Fuel Cell Type 4, 1 Boat Cockpit, 10 Boat Propeller, 1 Boat Rudder, 1 Submarine Ballast Tank
Durability : 8844


An adorable marble submarine. Sink like a rock!

This cute little submarine is speedy and maneuverable, and it dives and surfaces extra-fast thanks to 4 hidden vertically-oriented propellers (in addition to the 6 that propel the sub forward). Seats 2 passengers. No weapons at the moment, but an armed version is forthcoming.

Author's note: None of the submarines on this site seem to work in the current game version, so naturally I had to take matters into my own hands. The shape is partly inspired by yyzdnl's Mako, but I built this little guy from scratch myself. You might recognize my custom green marble texture; I used it on the Sawtooth Sword as well. Feel free to borrow it for your own creations.


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