Steampunk airship

Created by :
Version : v1
Weight : 936.7 T
Fuel : 1380000
Cost : In pictures six and seven.
Durability : 216126


Super fun airship if you ask me! Floats perfectly and besides airship thrusters and fuel cells, it's easy to build.
Sports 6 front cannons, 2 aircraft machine guns, 4 naval guns and 2 missile silos for maximum pillaging fun! Carries a captain, five crew members and six troops. (1 pilot +11 passengers with room for more)


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Really really nice.  I'll try that when A0.9 will be up. Thanks. 
Careful not to get attacked from above! Although it's a tough ship, with plenty of firepower, it has a hard time targeting anything directly overhead! (makes sense to me because of the blimp)
Damn this is good
Thank you! =)
I just had to have this so I signed up to let you know I added 23 vtol rotors hidden inside the balloon to give it lift as it was grounded and turned over on side when moving forward due to planet Ex update. She lifts gracefully and naturally as a heavy airship would and I am thrilled with its performance on all counts.
@ Finch, Glad you like it! I'll update all my iso's once updates level out a little more. (Other wise I'd have to do it just about every other update lol) I'll also be separating gun fire so you'll be able to direct fire more appropriately. (ie: Port side and starboard side)