Star Class Dreadnought


It was designed to transport and deploy Land Ships on a planet, offer fire support to ground troops, and engage with other star ships. It is painted black and red, because it was designed and manufactured by Asian United Star Ship Yard, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, eastern Asia, which is under Earth Communist Party's control. During the war, the party decided to put politics and partisanship aside, and provide these massive Dreadnoughts to Federal Government. It is fast, and heavily armed. It has two giant missile tubes, and can launch any missiles from AAM to Interstellar Ballistic Missiles. It also has a good aerodynamic shape, so it can fly well in atmosphere, or even under water. It is good at destroying ground targets, bombing cities, and many other missions. It is such a nightmare for any Martian soldiers to see one of these hovering above head. In one battle, a Star Class Dreadnought called "Udaloy" ran out of ammo. The captain ordered to crush two light cruisers and successfully escaped to Earth's orbit. It uses direct thrust fusion engine instead of old electricity generation engine, can save more energy and provide more power in shorter time. Not like other star ships, it uses plasma torpedo as its main weapon, which is hard to intercept by CIWSs and can cause serious damage with only one shot. All 6 Naval guns can fire Range-Extended Rockets, to ignore most planets' gravity and have a longer range. It is the milestone of star battle ships, and the first of its kind. Most destroyed Star Class Dreadnoughts were destroyed by nuclear blasts, their skeleton have been broken and armor melted, which is deadly because crews may directly contact with nuclear radiation.


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