Small pirate sailing ship

Created by :
Version : 2
Weight : 37.58 T
Fuel : 84000
Cost : 37 Iron, 899 Wood, 288 Pigment, 4 Vehicle Headlight, 1 Front Cannon, 4 Side Seat, 3 Fuel Cell Type 02, 1 Boat Propeller, 1 Boat Rudder, 1 Ship Control
Durability : 17754


This is a small single cannon pirate sailing ship, good for raiding the coast line with a up to four mateys! Arrrr!


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This model uses a decal that is set to diffusion instead of emission, so it doesn't glow in the dark. If you have problems with decals, try changing pixel light count to 0. This fixed flickering or color changing decals for me.