Created by :
Version : 1
Weight : 52.35 T
Fuel : 224000
Cost : 427 Pigment, 1 Vehicle Cockpit, 2 Rubber Tire, 1 Vehicle Engine, 4 Motorbike Headlights, 8 Fuel Cell Type 01, 1 Rapid Fire Turret, 2 Naval Guns, 2 Side Seats, 2 Carrier Jet Engines, 1 Large Rubber Tire, 499 Iron, 150 Aluminum
Durability : 18888


My first vehicle. The Razorback is a three-wheeled vehicle, two in front and a large one in the back, equipped to occupy three persons. This vehicle is designed to work in a pinch, not built for sustained use, heavy damage, or for travelling. Trading in the extremes of those traits for a compact frame and a little bit of everything, the Razorback is your go-to vehicle for any situation where you need a little bit of extra oomph.


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