Created by :
Version : version 3
Weight : 49.67 T
Fuel : 1238000
Cost : check the pic plz
Durability : 17172


i had to update this when .9 came out soo check out the ovkx4!!


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Any feedback would be much appreciated!!
Sadly I tried this one and it builds and takes off fine but every time you go forward it flies in circles to the left.
hmm thats weird, maybe its the version number thats messing it up, ill readd this and add my custom pack as well so there is alot of new textures for anything else you would want to build
thnx for posting JDamien, i fixed the problem and added some new stuff to make it faster and handle a little better. i made this in the .7xx version so i guess it got broken in the .9 update so check out the new one, i added my materials stash 2