MA6 Assault Rifle

Created by :
Version : 1.0
Damage : 624
Weight : 12
Cost : 24 Aluminum, 21 Pigment, 1 Rifle Grip, 4 MS Bullet Muzzl
Durability : 1666


A light Assault Rifle


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Highest accuracy gun in on the database and high attack too. This is one of the best, if not the best gun on the database. It sits on the Pareto frontier of attack rage and accuracy: 889 attack/second, 194.0 accuracy, 1667 durability, 24 Al, 21 pigment. It makes a good companion to the "Bastard" rifle. My greatest wish is for a 0-pigment version of this weapon. 
Thanks alot, nice to hear that someone likes my creation ^^. What do you mean with 0-pigment version? I could just erase the colours but then it would look kinda...blank :D  (Sorry for bad English)
Cannot be exported, exceeds part limitations.