M1 Garand

Created by :
Version : 1
Damage : 122
Weight : 13.49 kg
Cost : 10 Steel, 10 Wood, 1 Rifle Grip Type 01, 1 MS Bullet Muzzle Type 01
Durability : 1255


This is a "replica" of the M1 Garand, semi-auto rifle used by the US military during WW2. Made this for myself and decided to share! Enjoy! =)


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This model uses a decal that is set to diffusion instead of emission, so it doesn't glow in the dark. If you have problems with decals, try changing pixel light count to 0. This fixed flickering or color changing decals for me.
This is a beautiful sniper rifle. It may not have a lot of attack per second, but it's the highest accuracy non-Aluminum gun on the database. It even surpasses most aluminum guns in accuracy. The next step up from the M1 is the MA6. But nothing matches the classic feel of the M1. 
Thank you! =) I had no idea. I made it because I enjoyed it so much in Battlefield 1942. I actual had to make it twice. The first time I made it, it was too small and looked like a toy gun and so I had to start again from scratch to get what you see here.