GDI - Kodiak

Created by :
Version : 07
Weight : 3,898.1T
Fuel : 12000000
Cost : 6151 Aluminium, 1 Flight cockpit, 6 Side Seat, 8 Landing gear T01, 24 Fuel Cell T04, 4 vtol rotor, 10 Aircraft light 01, 6 Aircraft Machine Gun, 9 Naval Gun, 2 Missile Silo, 14 Airship Thruster.
Durability : 477380


 The Kodiak is a heavy warship of the Global Defense Initiative saw during the 4th Tiberium War. 

 GDI’s gun-heavy monster, the Kodiak packs three under-mounted blast cannons for trouble on the ground and three top-mounted gatling turrets for air incursions. 


24" Artillery Gun Turrets x3 
Anti-Aircraft Vulcan Cannons x3 
Cruise Missile Pods x2( but previous versions use x16)


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No, it worked perfectly fine the last time I tried it... I seems dev's have changed vehicle behavior (again) this month and I can't see anything about it in patch note :/ 

I can't correct this actually, it already took me some hours to balance this one because it is asymetric and each time a random update ruin my stuff x(
am i missing something? it doesn't seem to take off.... sits on the ground without taking off, just consuming fuel