Gang Yue (alum camo)

Created by :
Version : v1.0
Damage : 298
Weight : 281.27 kg
Cost : Aluminum x208, Compound Bow Grip x1
Durability : 78


Attack = 298.9 ; Durability = 78.0

Full credit goes to whoever created the original Gang Yue.vciso. (The file did not have author information, but it was uploaded to the Workshop by TL-QZ.) I am just sharing this modification so others can enjoy it.

This version is made from Aluminum. This makes it more powerful that the Steel in the original. I thought that a modern forest cammo pattern would be most appropriate for a hunting bow. And I preserved the blue glowing outline as I liked it and thought that it was a nice touch.

BTW: For the early game before one has access to aluminum, though, I highly recommend the original, steel "Gang Yue.vciso".


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