Elven Armor.zip

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Version : v1
Cost : Complete set: 62 Steel, 16 Wood


Elven armor of the second era from The Lord of the Rings.          Go forth and defeat evil!                                                                      Can be scaled to fit female characters as well! (demonstrated in picture six)                                                                                                                                                                              }}}}NOTE: When wearing armor, left and right pieces are separate. You have to import two of each, from the editor, into the game world and flip one horizontally in the "armor tab". Also, you have to wear them in 'top to bottom' order. IE: Upper arm 2x, Lower arm 2x, Upper leg 2x, Lower leg 2x {{{{


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Please note Elven battle sword and shield are not in this zip. Sorry for any confusion.
I'd like to see this updated to the latest version of the game. Most parts don't align to the right places; like boots and upper leg to hands, and lower leg to thigh, belt to neck, et cetera; and moving range is too limited to get them in the right spots.