Corax Mk IV Rifle

Created by :
Version : 1.1
Damage : 108
Weight : 10.70 kg
Cost : 1 Gold, 18 Aluminum, 1 SS Bullet Muzzle Type 01, 1 Rifle Grip Type 01
Durability : 1530


Credit goes to Corsiy, who created the Corax Mk I.

Final Attack: 108.0
Accuracy: 196.0%
Firing rate: 0.8 [Misleading, as MS muzzles can't begin to compete with this firing rate!]

This is an attempt to evolve the Corax Mk III into a proper rifle. The result was surprising in that swapping a Handgun Grip for a Rifle Grip dramatically increased the accuracy, the likes of which I've never seen on a gun in PE.

Like the Mk III, it still uses a bit of gold to help the accuracy. And unlike most rifles that use the MS Bullet Muzzle, it has the SS Bullet Muzzle for extremely rapid shooting.

Unlike gun scripts and guns with the MS Muzzle, guns with an SS Muzzle can fire very, VERY rapidly - like a machine gun. Just click that fire button as fast as you can.

I would even suggest that guns with an SS muzzle may be the best gun choice for PCs in the opt-in beta branch (v0.88+). Pull that trigger fast enough and you'll be shooting bullets EVERY BIT as fast as a big, heavy 4-barrel rifle ISO. (Yes, I tested this.) And you'll do near as much damage. A custom rifle ISO (or a handgun with an MS-type muzzle) may do more damage per shot, but you can't fire them nearly as fast as when using an SS-type barrel.


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