Corax Mk I (Iron Edition)

Created by :
Version : 2.0
Damage : 81
Weight : 9.66 kg
Cost : 9 Iron, 1 SS Bullet Muzzle Type 01, 1 Handgun Grip Type 01
Durability : 749


Full credit goes to Corsiy, who created the Corax Mk I. I am just sharing so others can enjoy it. This is a really nice basic handgun that I use every time I start a new game.

Final Attack: 81.2
Accuracy: 181.2%
Firing rate: 0.8 [Misleading, as the MS muzzle can't begin to compete with the firing rate of the SS muzzle!]

This is a modification of the Corax Mk I. Aside from changing the material from Aluminum to Iron, the "barrel" has been extended for more accuracy and damage. Also, the MS Bullet Muzzle was replaced with the SS Bullet Muzzle. This decreased damage somewhat, but it allows for very rapid shooting. Because the body only requires iron, a player can build this almost immediately after meeting Chen at the Meteorite Crater.

This is a HUGE improvement over the Hand gun type 01 (damage 64) or even the Rifle type 01 (damage 94) scripts you can get from Adesa. Unlike gun scripts and ISOs with MS-type muzzles, handgun ISOs with an SS-type muzzle actually FEEL semi-auto as they can fire very, VERY rapidly - like a machine gun. Just keep clicking that fire button.

I would even suggest that handgun ISOs with an SS muzzle may be the best gun choice for PCs in the opt-in beta branch (v0.88+) because handguns were already limited to 1 barrel. Pull that trigger fast enough and you'll be shooting bullets EVERY BIT as fast as a big, heavy 4-barrel rifle ISO. (Yes, I tested this.) And you'll do near as much damage. A custom rifle ISO (or a handgun with an MS-type muzzle) may do more damage per shot, but you can't fire them nearly as rapid as a handgun ISO with an SS-type barrel.


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Awesome … thanks for the enhancements … !