BR85HB SS (Single Shot)

Created by :
Version : 2.2
Damage : 128
Weight : 19.88 kg
Cost : 46 Aluminum, 228 Pigment, Rifle Grip Type 01, SS Bullet Muzzle Type 01
Durability : 1988


Full credit goes to author. ("Johnny Industries"?) I am just sharing so others can enjoy it.

Final Attack: 128.8
Accuracy: 120.4 %

Modified: Instead of the original 4 MS (Multi-Shot) Muzzles, it now has 1 SS (Single-Shot) Muzzle. This modification is geared towards the opt-in beta branch (0.88+) as it limits all guns to 1 muzzle. Guns with an SS Muzzle can fire very, VERY rapidly - like a machine gun. But unlike guns with the MS Muzzle, it will NOT give continuous fire by holding the fire button down. Just keep clicking that fire button.


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