AVF-2 Bataar Scout

Created by :
Version : 1.1
Weight : 43
Fuel : 1984000
Cost : 292 Pigment, 10 Aluminum, 229 Wood, 6 Vehicle Headlight, 2 Aircraft Machine Gun, 2 Aircraft Laser Gun, 7 Side Seat, 1 Flight Cockpit, 2 Vtol Rotor, 2 Vtol Rotor Type 01, 32 Fuel Cell Type 03, 4 Landing Gear Type 01
Durability : 52183


Attack=1355 /s ; Weight=43.43 T ; Fuel Capacity=1.98 mil ; Durability=52183 ; Top Forward Speed=84 kph ; Top Reverse Speed=17.6 kph

Inspired by baconbistro's "MC Baatar", this was created from scratch to be a comparatively light scout. The only fuel cells it requires is Fuel Cell Type 03, which makes it buildable in story mode soon after meeting Ataro Bataar for the first time.

Granted, it does require some parts which are only buildable in a colony. However, those can be purchased from Bataar in small quantities, so it is doable. (What Bataar does NOT sell is Fuel Cell Type 04, which is made available much later.)

This seats 7 passengers, which is (barely) enough for Rol and 2 followers plus all the NPCs gained after meeting Bataar and rescuing the 2 injured survivors after 'Up Up Up!', 'Down We Go' and 'Back to Camp'.

I've payed extra attention to detail with this one, such as decals to resemble aircraft doors (including handle and latch), access ladders, a finished interior that is painted and "windows" to show it off.

Do note that, while reverse speed is slow, this is due to the new flight mechanics as VTOL fans are no longer reversible (in airflow). As a comparison, MC Baatar's reverse speed maxes out at 16 kph.


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