Akula submarine

Created by :
Version : 1.0
Weight : 91
Fuel : 2000000
Cost : See screenshots
Durability : 26139


Classical submarine, fast (55 km/h), maneuverable and strong. Stable at a depth and easy to control. "Akula" means "shark" in Russian. 

Attack: 3,953/s
Durability: 26,139
Capacity: 17 persons.
Cruise speed: 55 km/h.

Weapons: 2 torpedo tubes, 2 front cannons, 8 aircraft machine guns. 

Cost: see screenshots. Briefly: 591 Aluminum, 12 Propellers, 4 Rudders, 4 Fuel Cell Type 04, some weapons, lights and common equipment for boats and subs. NO PIGMENT!

Attention: the aircraft guns do not work properly if the target is from the board. To attack, turn to the enemy your stern or (better) bow. Do not forget to use target lock and then torpedo seeking guidance.


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Works great, thanks! I tried to make a sub and it just sunk (couldn't rise), it was slow, and it couldn't turn. I'd probably need to put a ton more effort into it to make something as good as this, so I'm glad this is here.