AirTaxi Alpha

Created by :
Version : 1.0
Weight : 12,9 T
Fuel : 160000
Cost : 20 Steel, 80 Wood, rest see description
Durability : 6474


A product from Arnulf Krieger Utilities.
The AirTaxi Alpha was developed by Arnulf after having experienced that to find a versatile, durable aircraft ready for even the
tidiest places to land on and being cheap to create at the same time was an impossible task.

So, Arnulf developed an aircraft which would not only fulfill his own dreams, but would also support ongoing explorers during
their early days and beyond.

The AirTaxi alpha offers a top speed of 76 km/h, a durability of 6474 and even 2 Rapid Fire Turrets for the low costs of just:
20 Steel, 80 Wood, a Flight Cockpit, 4 Vtol Rotors, 4 Side Seats, 2 Rapid Fire Turrets, 3 Vehicle Headlights,
4 Fuel Cells Type 02, 3 Landing Gear Type 01, 2 Landing Gear Type 02.


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