Frequently Asked Questions

Planet Explorer FAQ

Where are the isos files on my computer ?

In your Document folder Usually C:\Users\%YOURNAME%\Documents\PlanetExplorers\BuildingIso and C:\Users\%YOURNAME%\Documents\PlanetExplorers\VoxelCreationData on Windows. Files have the .vcisoor .biso extention.

What is a vciso file ?

It's a Planet Explorer iso file, wich is used to store and share your creation, you can share it with friend or post it on this website!

What is Planer Explorer ?

It's an awesome game, available on steam with Story, Adventure, Creative mode in single player, and Versus and Coop adventure mode in multiplayer.
You can play it online or in a LAN. You can buy it on Steam, or test a Free Planet Explorers demo here.