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A product from Arnulf Krieger Utilities.
The reason for how the RedLine 2070 High Power Laser Rifle came into existance, lies in a sudden ambush of Arnulfs colony
in the early morning by a clan of Maria natives. This was the point where Arnulf thought that a red line was crossed and he
ran into his engeneering laboratory to imediately start work on a new Laser Rifle. A Laser Rifle which should surpass the
attack power of everything else available on Maria. And he succeeded.

The RedLine 2070 HPLR sports an attack rating of 400 and comes with a 80 shot capacity. Against rumors of the RedLine
having an accuracy of just 46%, Arnulf can ashure you that the RedLine will hit with every shot. No matter the distance and
firing rate.

For those an attack power of 400 is still not enough the RedLine 2070 can be upgraded to 478.

Enjoy the "Pinjata" version as long as it is available. ;)

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