Planet Explorers isos

Military transport helicopter version with lateral arms has 7 seats to transport a 7 companions arms is equipped with 2 machine guns gatlin one on each side and 2 missile launchers, it has 4 lights, 2 front, 1 light illuminating the bottom of the helicopter, one light for the passenger area.

Armament: 2 Machine gun, Aircraft Machine 1, missile silo 2
Maximum speed: 100 - 102 kmh

Pigmen 470
Vehicle Cockpit 1
Rubber Tire 8
Vehicle Geading 1
Aircraft Machine 1
Rapid Fire Turret 2
missile silo 2
Motorbike Hea 3
Fuel cell type 2
Fuel cell type 4
Landing Gear T 1
Landing Gear T 2
Carrier Jet exh 2
Vtol Rotor 7
Vtol Rotor Type 1
Side Seat 7
Iron 180
Steel 99
Wood 96

Please note: due to lack of concentration the size of one of the guns properly is not adjusted to resize enter the creator select the piece place and inspector / scale may be adjusted to the desired size and save the change.

Download Military UH -029 Attack in 5 sec