Planet Explorers isos

This is an update of my Hot Steel sword.   Still has the floating crystal in the space just above the hilt in the center of the two blades.  RPG terms is this crystal powers the heated core all the way up to the tip of the sword and the ripper type prongs that are towards the bottom of the blade.  When locked in close with an opponent the ripper blades are able to be used when you are not able to fully swing the giant double blade.
Just above these prongs are 2 wolf heads protecting the prongs from being shorn away by a powerful downward strike from an opponent blade, axe or hammer.

The sword is huge and imposing costing 1 pigment, 1 copper hilt, 11 steel, 3 gold and 2 aluminum to create.   This is a resource inexpensive, yet powerful martial close combat weapon.  Both intricate and practical on the battle field, it will turn heads as well a loose them. 

If you enjoy it leave a nice comment and rate it, thanks for taking it for a spin in your game.

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