Planet Explorers isos

It's cheap, it's pretty, AND it slices enemies to ribbons. What's not to love?

Author's note: After my experiment with the Sawtooth Sword, I decided I'd try my hand at making something both functional AND attractive. I was still learning the finer points of using the Creation Panel, so I wasn't quite clear on how it applies symmetry or how part placement affects how the model functions in-game; simply put, I thought that I had to center the silly thing on the grid in order to make it work. I have since figured out otherwise, but I still like how this sword turned out. (Pro tip: Your character will grip the sword at wherever the hilt part is located, whether you leave it visible or not. If you move the part away from the voxel shape you've made, you end up with a sword that hovers in midair a set distance from your character's hand - whether or not the visible voxel model is centered in the creation space.)

Download Razor Sword (Gold) in 5 sec