Planet Explorers isos

Full credit goes to author. ("Johnny Industries"?) I am just sharing so others can enjoy it.

Final Attack: 653.4
Accuracy: 101.8 %

Modified: Instead of the original 4 MS (Multi-Shot) Muzzles, it now has 3 MS Muzzles and 1 SS (Single-Shot) Muzzle. This modification allows it to fire very rapidly, while bursts still deal lots of damage. Guns with an SS Muzzle can fire VERY rapidly - like a machine gun. But unlike guns with the MS Muzzle, it will NOT give continuous fire by holding the fire button down. Just keep clicking that fire button and you'll deal MORE damage than the original BR85HB+SR with 4 MS muzzles.

Download BR85HB MS3-SS in 3 sec