Planet Explorers isos

Credit goes for the artist who created it, Quintus_Fontane. I am just sharing this amazing item so others can try it out! These ISOs were lost when a site went down, so i am sharing these from my collection.  Here is the original description by Quintus.   "Description : Hi everyone!
I am extremely pleased to give to you the Modular Comm Tower Pack! 
That's right, it's a big comm tower/radio mast to finally add some real flair to your colony, and it comes in a flat pack, like if IKEA suddenly got into the telecoms industry ^_^

Inside the pack you will find all the components needed to assemble this tower wherever you wish. I made it in such a way so that not only can you make it as tall as you want, but you can climb the tower using ladders and freely walk around on the platform, admiring the view or sniping harmless critters. This made the build a little trickier, but I think it was definitely worth it.

Please see the attached photo for visual instructions, but I will put a written step by step here:

Step 1: Start placing the main framework blocks, lining them up with each other (They stack nicely). You have to be careful with the height of the tower and ladders, because if the ladders stick over the platform too much, you will fall backwards! If you want to make it taller than I recommend, it'll need some trial and error but it's definitely possible :)

I recommend the following height for the framework pieces, which comes to the same height as shown in the screenshots: (R = Red frame, W = White frame, W-L = White frame with lights):

Step 2: Place the grill platform
Step 3: Place one of the support columns and line it up perfectly.
Step 4: Place the temporary wooden support, and place the Top Framework on that, lining it up perfectly.
Step 5: Remove the temporary wooden support and place the other three support columns.
Step 6: Place the safety railings.
Step 7: Place the aerial mount on top, and then the top aerials on top of that.
Step 8: Place the long aerials on the ends of the protruding struts.
Voila! You've got yourself a big comm tower, ready for when the radio interference stops! Approximate assembly time: 10-15 minutes, depending on the trickiness of lining up the supports and railings (It's not too hard though).

I'm really pleased with how this turned out, and I hope you will get some enjoyment out of it, too. I was pretty surprised at how well it works, so expect to see more things like this from me in the future if this is received well!"

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