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The MAH (Maria Attack Helicopter) evolved from the VTB and MVF series aircraft projects. Speed tops out around 147 kph or so. But with two laser turrets, two double-barreled machine guns (equivalent to 4), and two missile silos, it packs quite the wallop! And the range is impressive: With 8 type 04 fuel cells, the fuel capacity is well above 1.3 million. 

Despite the heavy weapon loadout, this vehicle has fuel to spare. It's very unlikely you'll run out, even during drawn-out enemy engagements or lengthy missions. So feel free to engage and fire at will.

The MAH-2B was designed specifically to engage alien sentry robots and air drones. It has been extensively field-tested against such targets and found to be within acceptable limits.

It packs more firepower and fuel than either the MVF 6 or 7. However, multiple type 04 fuel cells added considerably to weight. To keep lifting capacity and max altitude within limits, lift had to be increased and weight had to be reduced. So while it has more armor (aka, durability) than the MVF-6, it is a bit less than the MVF-7.

To fit most mission parameters, it accommodates up to 3 passengers.

Color options:

The orange "MD" camo was designed specifically to blend into the Marian desert. And the "MC", or MultiCam, should (more or less) blend into Marian grasslands. Either D2 or D3 may blend into a sandy beach area. Types "B", "N", "R" and "LB" are futuristic stealth patterns, with B being black for night ops, N for navy, and R for canyons or deserts, while LB is a light sky blue.

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