Planet Explorers isos

Many air vehicles do not have room for NPCs. And most require parts that are unobtainable until after you have a colony. In designing an aircraft to fit these requirements... it ended up looking like a bee. Well, I took it and ran with it.

Seats a pilot and up to 4 passengers. A basic design with 5 VTOL fans, it can be built with the fans and scripts from Ataro - even before setting up a colony. Two type 3 and six type 2 fuel cells ensure a long life before refueling is required. Speed tops out around 152 to 157 kph.

[Note: This is a re-release of my VTB-4. This version has been modified for better flight balance. Most players won't notice a difference. However, this version will fly correctly even when playing a corrupted game save.]

Download VTB-4A Busier Bee in 5 sec