Planet Explorers isos

 [ !Warning! It don't work with actual v0.9 flying mechanics! ]

Icarus Armament Division present their new Prototype of Assault Dropship (WIP) designed for special operations. This one can carry 12 passengers(crew:2, Troops:10). Offensive equipment consists of missile launchers and tri-cannon Machine Gun. The Prototype colors pattern use black orange, and grey when the standard models are customized following the users desires. More about it on the official Pathea forum:

[Notice: I have a weak laptop so for the Artwork: C Base & C Hex materials have bump strength: 30 and specular strength: 70 when the Steam workshop iso one have 0 - 0. I forgot to change these for the Steam workshop release so feel free to change them. If no it will keep it's cartoonish aspect.]

Please add comment if there is any problems or some improvement idea about it.

Download Assault Dropship in 3 sec