Winters T-21

Created by :
Version : 1.0
Weight : 33.97 Tons
Fuel : 708000
Cost : 255 x Aluminium, 1,748 x Pigment, 9 x Side Seat, 6 x VTOL Rotor, 6 x Fuel Cell Type 3, 4 x Landing Gear Type 2, 2 x Fuel Cell Type 4
Durability : 17163


The final planned version in the T-Class range, the T-21 airbus is designed for extended trips carrying larger groups of passengers. A huge fuel capacity gives the T-21 a much greater range than any other model in the line, and the interior was designed to give passengers plenty of room so that they would not feel cramped on long-haul journeys.

While it is the most expensive model in the T-Class range (making use of aluminium instead of steel) the T-21 has still proven popular with tourism companies and some can even be found working as private hire taxis.

As with others in the range use of repulsor technology keeps the T-21 off the ground and locked in place when not in use.


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LOL, Great Job on the T series!! I love them all... And great job on the advertising too!