UH1 Huey

Created by :
Version : 1.0
Weight : 41.36T
Fuel : 398000
Cost : 6498
Durability : 12923


This is my first vehicle in Planet Explorers.
This recreation of the UH-1 "Huey" can transport you and your gang through great distances and have great attack capabilities. It can transport up to 7 people + 1 pilot (total of 8 persons).
Unleash freedom over your enemies with its dual gatling guns and missile launchers. Don't worry about the fuel, it will last for a long time (even in combat situations)!
This one have the original green skin, but feel free to paint it as you wish!

ATTENTION: This version is made of wood, as it is intended to serve as an early game transport. Because of that, it weights a lot (41 Tonnes, to be more exact), so it cant fly over certain altitudes (it can't fly over mountains, for exemple). I will be testing new materials and ways to reduce its weight soon!
Suggestions is welcome!


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