Created by :
Version : 1.0
Weight : 19
Cost : 6 Front Cannon, 7 Fuel cells, 10 Headlights, Engine1, Cockpit, 8 wood wheels, 47 wood.
Durability : 3239


This is a dedicated big-game hunting mobile artillery unit. It is designed to efficiently engage a Testudo Mariturtle in single combat. It delivers decisive victories against any big game on land. Six rear-facing "front cannons" provide 2234.4 attack per second, providing the highest DPS and the lowest energy per unit damage of any range attack in the game. After initially aligning the vehicle, agro the target and drive away from it while looking backwards. As the animal gives chase it will align its self with the cannons, then dispatch it. With 10 high-mounted lights, the vehicle is well suited to night hunting. The spare design and high durability to weight ratio wood frame helps make the vehicle cheap enough for use in Story mode. There is an upper platform that can be modified for personnel transport or a forward facing gun.  


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