Streamline Rx ST-1

Created by :
Version : 1.0
Weight : 36.5 T
Fuel : 448000
Cost : 579 Wood, 7 Steel, 14 Sand, 16 x Fuel Cell Type 01, 6 x Boat Propeller, 4 Boat Rudder, 5 x Vehicle Headlight, 2 x Rapid Fire Turret, 5 x Side Seat, 1 x Ship Control
Durability : 13949


Full credit goes to yyzdnl, who created the Streamline Rx Light. I am just sharing this updated version so others can enjoy it.

I modded the Streamline yet again. (This time, for a0.941.) Using Type 01 fuel cells means it can be made right after obtaining the boat scripts from Nan. (No more waiting until you meet Ataro!) Having the maximum of 16 fuel cells means it will have fuel until you can build a colony (hopefully). The shallow bottom means you can navigate up and down rivers. The two Rapid Fire Turrets is an improvement over the single turret on the old Basic design. Having 5 passenger seats means being able to carry both followers and all mission NPCs. It has 4 Boat Rudders for a good turn radius. And having 6 Boat Propellers means a top speed of 50 Kph in a0.941. (Sadly, all boats are slow now. But any more propellers would drain fuel really fast.)


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