Streamline Rx LT-8

Created by :
Version : 2.1
Weight : 22.53 T
Fuel : 496000
Cost : 5 Steel, 14 Sand, 579 Wood, 3 Aircraft Lights, 2 Aircraft Machine Guns, 5 Side Seats, 8 Fuel Cells Type 03, 3 Boat Propellers, 2 Boat Rudders, 1 Ship Control
Durability : 13901


Full credit goes to yyzdnl, who created the Streamline Rx Light. I am just sharing this so others can enjoy it. This is a fun boat that I use all the time. The bottom is pointed and shallow enough that I can navigate through most rivers.

I did make some minor changes. For this version, I added 5 fuel cells (for the maximum of 8). Also, I moved the pilot's seat so the PC won't stand inside it while piloting. And I moved the 5 invisible side seats so NPCs would not have their legs inside the seat. Finally, I moved the rudders up so they weren't turning inside the hull and added a bit of steel to show how the rudders were controlled.


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