Splinter Bow

Created by :
Version : 1.1
Damage : 64
Cost : 1 Self Bow Grip, 14 Wood


A simple yet effective starter bow. And it glows in the dark!

Author's note: I made this while playing Adventure Mode after realizing 3 things: 1) I desperately needed a ranged weapon to fend off the ubiquitous Harpia Warbirds; 2) bullets are expensive, and 3) the bows included in the Replicator all either require significant quantities of metal or are just plain crap. Thus, I invented a bow of my own design; it does nearly twice as much damage as the wooden bow from the Replicator, but uses the same raw materials (in larger amounts, sure, but wood and plant fiber are practically infinite). In making it, I discovered that the only things that affect player-made bow damage are the materials used and the amounts thereof; the pointy bits are purely decorative. FYI, wood is actually one of the better materials for bows; a marble sword might beat a wooden one any day, but a marble bow is virtually useless. The most effective bow material, it turns out, is actually steel. Don't bother with aluminum, either - it's no stronger than wood!


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