Sawtooth Sword (Marble)

Created by :
Version : 1.0
Damage : 197
Cost : 5 Marble, 1 Wood Hilt


Want a better Story Mode starter weapon than a crummy wooden sword? Mine 5 Marble from around the crashed lifeboat and combine it with that Wooden Hilt you found to make THIS piece of awesome.

Author's note: This thing was born from my early experiments in how the game calculates sword damage. Sharpness matters more than weight, so it isn't too hard to make a sword that's both strong and inexpensive - just add lots and lots of thin blades (voxel volume = 0) and fine points. This sword may not be very pretty (apart from my custom marble texture, which you may feel free to use for your own creations), but it's crazy powerful and can be made in Story Mode almost immediately.


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