Redline Mk 3

Created by :
Version : 1.2
Damage : 344
Cost : 1 High Power Laser Muzzle, 1 High Capacity Laser Rifle Handle, 31 Aluminum


High-powered laser sniper rifle. 344 final attack, 144% accuracy.

Don't let the buzzards get you down. This massive laser sniper rifle will take care of any flying menace - and any ground-bound ones, too. And now, it can fire continuously for twice as long without recharging. If you're going up against big game, why not go all the way?

Author's note: This is my very favorite gun. The up-front material costs are a bit high, perhaps, but this thing packs a humongous wallop - and doesn't need ammo to do it. This glorious laser rifle can take down a Harpia Warbird in only two shots, and all but the toughest critters in under a dozen. I'd almost call it unfair...but it sure is fun. This new version uses the High Capacity handle instead of the standard type, so it has 80 units of charge instead of the usual 40. To make the handle look nice, I altered the design a bit, which had the welcome side effect of making the gun even more powerful - albeit slightly less accurate. The accuracy was already through the roof, though, so I'm not complaining.


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