Redline Mk 2

Created by :
Version : 1.1
Damage : 336
Cost : 1 High Power Laser Muzzle, 1 Laser Rifle Handle, 27 Aluminum


High-powered laser sniper rifle. 336 final attack, 173% accuracy.

Don't let the buzzards get you down. This massive laser sniper rifle will take care of any flying menace - and any ground-bound ones, too.

Author's note: Finally, I made a ranged weapon I can use with wild abandon.  The up-front material costs are a bit high, perhaps, but this thing packs a humongous wallop - and doesn't need ammo to do it. This glorious laser rifle can take down a Harpia Warbird in only two shots, and all but the toughest critters in under a dozen. I'd almost call it unfair...but it sure is fun.


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