Old Shipwreck

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Version : 1
Cost : In pictures 10 and 11


This small ship set sail and was caught in a storm over a decade ago, never to be seen again........ until now!  This old hull can be used to litter the ocean floor (just sail to where you want it and use the ballast to sink it) or could be used as the Flying Dutchman, as it still has a working cannon! (If you do, add more propellers or you'll be really slow....... also the ship is purposefully off balance, so it steers slightly to the right)


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squeaky you are really good in it, id like your works, but this ship is... mid quality for you, i know you can do it better! good luck
@NoRainNoRainbow - I appreciate your honesty. I might revisit this model latter. (or I might just make a new one!) ;)
Can i talk with you in any messanger? i have many ideas, but a few time and i am not good in work with decals and we can do it together if you want. Do you interested in making creators team?  If yes - tell me how to communicate with you) 
Decals are still kind of messed up. Creator team sounds like fun! Contact on Steam.